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What is Flyball? Let’s Dive Into the Excitement! 

Flyball is the ultimate relay race for dogs, where speed, agility, and teamwork shine!

Two teams of four dogs race head-to-head over a series of four low hurdles, spaced 10 feet apart. At the end of the lane, a spring-loaded box awaits, holding a tennis ball. The dogs must press the box, grab the ball, and race back to their handlers.

Each team has up to six dogs, with two as substitutes, ensuring everyone gets a chance to shine. The handlers stay behind the start line, releasing and catching their dogs as they complete the course. A crucial team member, the boxloader, stands at the box, reloading tennis balls and cheering the dogs on!

From tiny Yorkshire Terriers to Great Danes, Flyball welcomes all breeds. Smaller dogs use mini tennis balls, and sponge balls are available for those who are tennis ball-obsessed!

The race is over when all four dogs finish the course and return with their balls. Any mistakes, like missing hurdles or early starts, mean the dog must rerun at the end.

Flyball is the fastest-growing dog sport in the UK, and it’s all about fun, teamwork, and that incredible bond with our furry friends. Ready to join the excitement? Bring your dog and have a go! 

Flyball Cŵn Conwy will take on Live Wires Flyball Team!


Flyball Cŵn Conwy was set up in 2018 by a group of like-minded friends in the aim to pursue the idea forming a Flyball club in North Wales. Their goal is to develop a flyball community to be proud of. Building on relationships with your dog to train and compete.
Their flyball sessions are held on Sundays near Dyserth. The session is planned for all dogs from beginners to competition ready.

Live Wires Flyball Club was formed in 2000 by the late Anne Alcock.
Anne worked hard to build the club over the years and her hard work paid off when the club won the British Championships for the first time in 2007, then again in 2011, 2012 & 2013.
The club were also crowned European Champions in 2012.
Their latest big win at Crufts in 2018, with Anne running her faithful Cassie as anchor and most definitely holding her nerve when needed to push for the change of a lifetime.

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