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Camping Information

Entry to the Camping area is from 3pm on Friday 21st June 2024.


We cannot save spaces for people, pitches will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Sleeping in cars overnight is not permitted.

Only purpose built caravans, campervans and trailer tents will be permitted – modified trailers or other vehicles will not be allowed access to the campsite. Estate cars, vans and any other vehicles not designed with in-built sleeping facilities will not be allowed access to the campsite.

Access to the camping area is only permitted with a Camping ticket/wristband. Campervans/caravans must also purchase a Campervan Supplement.

Please be considerate when pitching your tent. There are no specific pitch sizes but if you arrange your tents in such a way to take up more than a reasonable amount of space for your group you will be asked to re pitch or take some of your tents down. Please keep a space of 6m between pitches for fire safety.

Tents and campervans/caravans need to be pitched in the designated areas. No campervans/caravans can be pitched in the Tent area and no tents can be pitched in the Campervan/caravan area. Cars must be parked in the carparkign area of the campsite, not by the tent.

Generators are not permitted – there is plenty of good music so you won’t need your own! No sound systems will be permitted on site other than ours!


There will be no vehicle movements of any kind in the campervan field or campsite during the festival.

You can bring a small sturdy, above ground camping stove or BBQ. In hot weather, the grass is EXTREMELY dry and highly flammable so please don’t bring stoves that can easily topple over or have large flames. We want you to be able to have a cuppa at camp but would ask you that you keep an eye on it at all times. Any stoves/BBQ's that are deemed to be too dangerous will be confiscated to ensure the safety of everyone.


Alcohol: you can bring a suitable amount for personal use to drink at your campsite but not to bring into the main arenas. Remember no glass is allowed on site.

In the event of needing assistance, medical or otherwise, please contact any steward or member of campsite staff who can radio for assistance. 

Please respect that everyone needs their beauty sleep and keep the noise down after dark. Either way, bringing earplugs is a good idea. 11pm quiet time curfew is in place in the camping areas. 

If you have children, some extra things may come in handy such as:

A good 3 wheeler buggy. Trollies can be actually quite hard to drag around.
Biodegradable wet wipes
Ear defenders

Clothes – the great British weather can throw anything at you so whilst trying to pack light, it’s worth considering leaving a spare set of clothes for everyone in your car and if you don’t need them at least you’ll have something clean to drive home in.  Wellies and rain gear are also worth packing and leaving in the car if you arrive and it’s sunny.

As festival attendees, you will be issued with a wrist band. Don’t remove it as you won’t be provided with another and all those without wristbands have to be removed from site.


No water source should be deemed drinking water unless specifically labelled as such.

You can drink your own alcohol in the campsites but please don’t bring it into the main arenas. Also no glass is allowed on site (these fields are home to cows when we’re not in them.)


Open fires of any kind are strictly forbidden. This includes fire pits. You can bring a camping stove so that you can make that all important morning cuppa.

The following items may not be brought into the site through the campsite gates. There will be no receipts issued for any confiscated items. Please don’t bring it if you wouldn’t want to lose it!

What Not to bring:

Do not bring drugs to the festival.
Air horns
Alcohol in the possession of under 18yr olds
You can not bring alcohol in the main festival fields and arena. You can bring an amount ‘suitable for personal use’ into the campsites. 

Leave no trace. Please don’t leave any rubbish at all, not even a match stick, plaster or banana skin. Some things take a long time to rot away and to clear up. Please respect the owner's land and leave it as you found it.

Don’t forget your…

-Entry ticket (if you have an e-ticket, you can show this on your phone or you can print out your email confirmation)
-Clothing and footwear for appropriate weather – check the forecast before you come, wellies are always a good idea! Don’t be that person who forgets their coat and is miserable! Fun is the name of the game.
-Tent, sleeping bags, earplugs, mats, rugs and torch.
Refillable water bottle – free drinking water will be available on site, but no single-use plastic water bottles will.




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