Rhyl Rugby Club at Rhuddfest

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This year we are thrilled to announce that Rhyl Rugby Club, supported by the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) will be providing 2 hours of free coaching at Rhuddfest where children aged 6 and over can be taught by qualified coaches in an inflatable cage.

Rhyl Rugby Club have a brilliant minis, juniors, youth and seniors rugby structure which provides children from all backgrounds the opportunity to play our national game.  Rhyl Rugby Club & the WRU providing the cage and coaches for Rhuddfest is a fantastic example of their tireless work to bring Rugby to the community.  The WRU and Rhyl Rugby Club are keen for the sport to be available to more people, more often to increase enjoyment, participation and success across the whole game. Rugby, unlike many other sports, has a real focus on participation, inclusion and community; after each game the players from both teams sit down together for meals.  The friendships made on the Rugby pitch last a lifetime.

Rugby focuses on

  •     Enjoyment
  •     Fun
  •     Inclusion
  •     Respect
  •     Fair Play
  •     Participation
  •     Accessibility

Bring your children along between 1pm and 3pm so they can enjoy an introduction into this wonderful game.  The pitch will be hard to miss and the coaches from Rhyl Rugby Club & the WRU community Team will be happy to talk to you and coach your children through some fun basics.

Rhuddfest’s organisers have always enjoyed watching Rugby; whilst not players ourselves we have many local family members and friends who have a long standing relationship with Rhyl Rugby Club, we’d encourage you to become a part of this club which does a fantastic amount for local children, their parents, the community and the game we love.

Rhyl Rugby Club at Rhuddfest

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