2017 marked a decade since Newton Faulkner released his debut album and, to his own astonishment, became a household name. Were he a less restless musician, he might have spent this year revisiting the past, as is de rigueur, performing the double-platinum selling Hand Built By Robots to crowds across the world. Instead, the Surrey-born, East London-based multi-instrumentalist has used it to recharge his batteries, reinvent his sound and release an astonishing sixth album Hit The Ground Running, that is by far the best and boldest of his crazy career. The long dreads have gone, but the guitar is better than ever and the voice is bigger than ever! Hit The Ground Running is the Newton you know, but as you’ve never heard him before! A breath-taking, rule-breaking, genre-hopping collection of songs that will grip you from the very first listen and continue to grow with each and every repeated play. The self-produced/written collection of songs has now become his highest charting album in the last 4 years.Largely written and recorded live in Newton’s home studio in the first six months of 2017, Hit The Ground Running is a riotous pop record that relies on space as much as sound and puts his versatile vocals to the fore. Every song springs surprises –key changes arrive expectedly, traditional song structures are shown the door, lyrics lay red herrings and a handful of guests come and go.“After 10 years of looking, I feel as though I’ve finally found my sound,” says the singer known for his distinctive dreadlocks and percussive guitar playing. “This album hits the sweet spot between the Tom Waits-y ‘real music’ side of me and my love of leftfield pop. There’s certainly strangeness, but at the same time, there isn’t one song I couldn’t play on piano or acoustic guitar. For me, that’s the holy grail.”



One of the founders of our family music festival Rhuddfest, is a singer/songwriter who beautifully captures the essence of the present moment with songs from his soon to be released album, “The Space Between Thoughts”. With his charismatic stage presence and passion for good times, Peter will be sure to keep you entertained.



A seriously good 3-piece band, they use Euphonic Riff based rock to create a sound that doesn’t fit neatly into a genre and is all the more memorable for it. Their songs are delivered by three accomplished musicians, fronted with stunning vocals. All backed up with impressive gig experience, stage presence and great songs.

Watch Blue Nation on YouTube


A very tight 4 piece, professional and experienced covers band from North East Wales. Once you hear them your guaranteed to be moving and grooving!


Straight Jacket Legends at Rhuddfest 2017Straight Jacket Legends at Rhuddfest 2017


With a fusion of catchy power punk songs, orchestral power riffs and dangerously slick harmonies it’s no wonder why this band are quoted by Alex Barker Kerrang!: “So Awesome, Pop Punk Classic, Big Fan of This Band” and Aaron Philips Amazing Radio: “Catch Pop Punk That Oozes Good Harmonies”.



This North Wales trio show just what you can achieve with a couple of acoustic guitars, a stand-up bass and the voice of a pinch-faced Kentucky miner’s son... (Americana UK Review 2016)

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A very well accomplished group of musicians, they play a huge range of cover songs from the likes of the Foo Fighters, Wings, The Killers, The Jam, Paul Weller, Kings Of Leon, The Cult, Crowded House, Arctic Monkeys, Pink Floyd, The Kinks, and so many more!



As the sun sets and the main stage draws to a close, those of you who like to stay late and carry on the fun are welcome to stick around for our bar tent party in our new for 2018 big top marquee. Three amazing acts will perform on the bar tent stage.


A warp-driven acoustic analogue dance band from Wales. Over the past four years the buzzing trio have been bouncing their unique take on fusion music through the party scene like electrified ferrets on a roller coaster. This cult band's mystical rhythm is tight and so are their trousers.


They’re such a cool group, bringing an eclectic range of foot stomping covers to bring the day to a perfect end and leave you smiling and looking forward to many more Rhuddfest's to come



Showcasing professional bands as well as some very talented up and coming local and youth musicians.

Join us for a relaxing day of live music and a calmer atmosphere.


Please note the line up is subject to change.

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