Apply to perform at Rhuddfest music festival

Apply to perform at Rhuddfest

Discovering new acts for Rhuddfest 2017

Rhuddfest live music festival has a focus of genuine discovery of new music. Bringing fans and great new artists together. This year the morning slot between 11 and 12:30 will be dedicated to emerging new talent.

Established acts

Seasoned performers and established acts are welcome to apply for the afternoon and evening slots.

Applying to perform

If you would like to perform at Rhuddfest we would love to hear from you. Register your interest by filling out the form below.

Make sure you include a link to one of your recordings.

Live performances are preferred.

Applications for Rhuddfest 2017 have now closed. Please check back in Autumn 2017 to apply to perform at Rhuddfest 2018.

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